What portraits mean to people

Caroline Muffordabout the painting of her daughter

Lenore is skilled at infusing her portraits with feeling. Here’s one she just did of my daughter Eileen. It means a lot to me, thank you Lenore.

Christa Bedwinabout the painting of her cat Ala

The portrait that Lenore did of my cat, who passed away recently, is so comforting. Not only did she capture precisely how Alazha looked, but also, somehow, she caught her personality. Having that glorious painting on my wall has vastly improved my world!

George the Bulldog
Jennifer Emberton Carriereabout the painting of their dog George

Lenore is a talented artist. I’m so glad I saw her original post [on Facebook]. She has captured my beloved Georgie so perfectly. She was quick to communicate and was a pleasure to deal with. The picture of her actual painting doesn’t do it justice. It’s simply beautiful.

Acrylic painting of Baxter the Beagle
Rachael Murphy-Botelerabout the painting of their dog Baxter

What an amazing job she did capturing our beloved dogs eyes. My husband loves his gift! Thank you Lenore

Diego, Havanese
Sharon Pedersonabout the painting of her dog Diego

Memorial Portrait of Diego by Lenore. Lenore came to my home many times over the years since she acquired her darling Havanese, Elvis. During her visits she came to know my Havanese, Diego. Elvis and Diego became great pals when Elvis stayed here for doggy care while Lenore had to be away. This past summer Lenore offered to paint a portrait of Diego. She took photos of him in his backyard. From those photos and her experience with him she captured the essence of his character and personality in a portrait she delivered to my home recently. Diego passed away in September at 17+ years. Hearing he had passed Lenore wanted to finish his portrait to comfort me in my grief at loosing my buddy of 17 years. Her condolences and kind gesture and understanding has been a comfort. Diego’s portrait is in pride of place in my living room. I pause when I pass by and my heart is comforted as I remember how he lived to love everyone he met. Lenore’s depth of perception so clearly comes through in this portrait. Her kindness and thoughtfulness and artistic ability is a treasure. Thank you, Lenore.

Luna, a brindle Boston terrier
Keyo Tremblayabout the painting of their dog Luna

Lenore has completed a beautiful portrait of my granpuppy for a Christmas gift! With every attention to detail she nailed her features and expression where she jumps of the canvas. Amazing artist!! Forever grateful

Terry Adamsonabout the painting of their cat Barney

With my wife’s bday approaching I was looking for something special. We lost Barney a little over a year ago and she really misses him. Lenore was so great helping me find the right image and she did such a fantastic job capturing his personality. It is a hit with many tears shed at his unveiling. Thanks so much, this will be cherished for a long time.

Lorraine Catney Keenabout the painting of her daughter’s cat, Belle

Lenore is an amazing artist. Like many other people in the Shawnigan community I saw her art on a local page. The image she painted for me was absolutely fantastic. From a distance the image looks like a photograph but as as you get close you can see every brush stroke lovingly applied. Lenore captured his sprit in her painting. I highly recommend her work and am grateful for her talent. You will not be disappointed.

Joanne WegielAbout the cat paintings

Lenore has gift for painting cats. She captures their peace, beauty and warmth.

Kim Lindeabout the painting of their dog Jackie

She was wonderful to work with, very responsive and the painting turned out better than I could have imagined. Seeing it in person is even more impressive. Extremely happy with the whole experience and will definitely recommend. Thanks so much!

Katharine O’Moore-Klopfabout the painting of their dog Butterball

My family and I are so grateful to you for this gorgeous portrait of our sweet dude. Thank you with all our hearts.

Fang. Commission of a Parsons Russell, 10x10".
Michelle Willcock Schulzeabout the painting of their dog Fang

I contacted Lenore after seeing some of her work on FB posts. It was a bit impulsive of me, but our family recently lost our beloved dog Fang, after 15 years. She was the absolute best dog in the world and we were gutted by the loss. My 9-year-old son was having a difficult time, along with the rest of us. I got in touch with Lenore and she responded right away and was able to answer my questions promptly and be clear with what she needed. We went back and forth a bit on what we wanted to see etc. She painted the most lovely capture of Fang and even had it ready for Christmas. I wasn’t able to get to pick it up right away and Lenore offered to send it to me with a friend. I opted to wait and pick it up for my son’s birthday. We all love it! Thank you again for creating a great keepsake that we will treasure.